Seton Hill Blog

Seton Hill GriffinBelow are links to the blogs Jeremiah did while completing his Writing Popular Fiction Master’s degree at Seton Hill University. In the program, students are tasked with completing a market-ready novel as their thesis. In addition to this, they complete online classes and attend six intense writing residencies, where they mingle with other writers, critique their peers, and learn more about the craft. It’s close to heaven on earth for a writer.

Written during his first semester – The Training Begins

Written after his second residency – Cold Realizations (The Training Continues) 

Written after finishing his second semester – The Semester of Madness

Written after his fourth residency – The Road Goes Ever On

Written during his fifth semester – A Short Lesson

Written after his fifth residency – The End is Near

Written after his sixth residency – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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